100 % Passion

In my case, the decision to make my first surfboard came from the influence of all those old photos in magazines and books, videos and casual visits to surf workshops. My beginning, as that of surfing history, was building my first wooden surfboards. This process led me to learn new methods of working and new materials until I too discovered the full blanks and resins used today in surfboard manufacturing. It was then that a new world of forms and possibilities opened up for me.

All crafts people and artists are more or less influenced by a trend or other artists. In my case, the surfing era of the 70s and 80s is clearly that influence. Shapers such as Simon Anderson, Dick Brewer, Bob McTavish and other surf adventurers and nomads. Today, thanks to all the information available, getting started making boards is easy. In, what is now a huge global surfing industry, thousands of new brands have appeared, including me, and slowly but surely I am carving my own distinctive style and niche. With a truly artisanal approach, each board – from the first cut to the last fine touch of sandpaper, is all done by hand.

It is said that each shaper leaves his personal mark and a little bit of his soul in each handmade surfboard, and this for me, is the big difference between handmade and factory produced boards.

Today buying a surfboard, with all of the options we have to choose from, can be confusing. Which model to choose? Retrofish? Longboard? Singlefin? Which of the many brands? The choice can be overwhelming. To help solve this dilemma I believe in the personal touch. Before even starting work I like to get to know the client, talk about their requirements, offer friendly advice and act as a guide through the sea of information and options until the client is clear in their mind what they need. Then work can begin to create their magic board. I belong to that small group of shapers that are involved in the whole process, and who work every day, to not only provide complete satisfaction but develop great relationships and even friendships.