In SelSurfboards we work, and I say we, not I because, apart from me and my experience, I can count on the precious feedback from great surfers who have always given me their opinion about my surfboards.

I don’t want to forget these great board testers, Ryan Griffin @sopittedlikedat, Antoine Ravel @ant_rvl, Nicolas Gay @nicoapostof and my dearest friend Meli Freixes @mel__markez. With each conversation about their experience in the water, we have refined models such as the BAT model longboard, PSICHO model twin swallow, round twin, S. R. Model DARTF model retrofish, BONZ model bonzer.

This is the importance of test boards – continual improvement. Sometimes those small refinements that we think are not significant, can really change the behaviour of the surfboard. Important aspects such as rocker, buoyancy (volume distribution), and all the essential elements in a surfboard which make it 100% functional.

I have made test models which in the end didn’t work as they should, but those models are an essential part of my work when combined with the experience of creating models that do respond how I want them to in the water. I always ask people who tell me my surfboards work really well. How can I improve it? All I can say is that I won’t stop working to put a good surfboard under your feet.