by Sunny Fassler @sunny_creates

Let me know what you think if you could only ride one surfboard for the rest of your life, the Cheat Code has to be it!

As the name suggests, the Cheat Code is an all-around shortboard that covers a wide range of conditions and styles. Don’t let the short and stubby package fool you; the Cheat Code surfs like a bigger board and can hold its own in more powerful and hollow surf, while providing enough lift to fly over flat and weak sections when the waves are small and rippable.

The secret lies in the curvature of the board. The Cheat Code features a pulled-in thumb tail to create pivot and responsiveness in the pocket. The medium rails and toned-down outline add performance to your turns and maneuvers, while the wider outline and added volume under your chest and front foot make the Cheat Code a weapon in smaller, weaker surf. The result is a board that screams performance and versatility, yet is still super forgiving, easy to surf and a lot of fun in all kinds of waves and conditions.

To get the most out of the Cheat Code, we recommend riding it 2-3 inches smaller than your standard shortboard. This reduction in length frees up space in the pocket, allowing you to navigate hollower and steeper sections with speed and control. And while this board is specifically designed for surfers heavier on their front foot, the refined tail and straighter fin placement add more flexibility and responsiveness for back-footed surfers too.

But don’t just take our word for it – the Cheat Code has been trialed and tested in various conditions around the world. From punchy beach breaks in Hossegor to fun rippable points across Northern Spain to heavy reef breaks in Indonesia, this board has proven itself as the ultimate one-board quiver.