Kale brock / 7’0 SEED 

A few images captured by Philippe Leweurs of some moments we shared two weeks ago.

Little fun surf, hope you enjoy the vid as much as it was for me putting it together! Was such a fun day, lots of fun days lately.. Enter and backspace of my keyboard decided to stop with it, so I’ll keep it short. Surfing on my PRINCE @selsurfboards board, vids made by D. Valladares and edited by me. Let me know what you think and follow for more.

«This autumn in France has been a special one; plenty of surf, warm weather and fun times. I’ve been catching up with some great people and enjoying beaucoup du sessions all over the South West 🙂 »   Kale Brock enjoying his 7’0 SR TWIN FIN in France. 

Celebrating creativity & craft through Skateboarding and Surfing. @chad.w.eaton for the @andfeelings & @selsurfboards collaboration project.

@you_go_tothebeach / 6’2» DA WOLF / BALI 2022

1/ @julesjonville «Un bouquet d’amis coloré et peut-être même hallucinés.
Du soleil et des vagues puis de la pluie et des câlins musicaux, puis du soleil. 
Des maisons roulantes pour se déplacer vers d’autres plages (praia en portugais) où viennent les vagues quand ça leur chante.»   Prince log – Portugal – 21

2/ Edit made by a fantastic team to present DA WOLF model.
Millions of thanks @atis_erics (images & edit), @clementclement(music), @ant_rvl & @free_mouss40 (surf).

3/ @ant_rvl  in México – Wolf 

4/ Sharlenne @lifeofmisswest enjoying her 9’2″ BAT MODEL  / Canary Islands 

5/ Sharlenne @lifeofmisswest enjoying her 9’2″ BAT MODEL  / Canary Islands 

6/ Like a work of art, shaping and glassing a surfboard are processes somewhat similar to sculpting and painting , and requires your attention to detail and positive attitude. Images & edited by Yann.

7/ Sel Surfboards collab with Bear Surfboards.

8/ DA WOLF MODEL – SELSURFBOARDS // ARNAUD @free_,mouss40 // Hossegor 2020

9 /  AMOUR

Surf shape meets art.
This collaboration was born with the idea of using a surfboard as a moving medium for visual art.
@lucie_curutchet links up her shaper Oli, «Sel Surfboards», with her longtime friend @marynn_letemplier , tattooist and renowned visual artist.
Marynn froze her credo A M O U R in red hand painted letters and a snake print, under the gold colored glass of the board.
Film maker @leomaig immortalized the process on camera.
This is, before all, a moment where friends put their skills together to create something beautiful. And for Lucie’s pleasure, the chance to let art come to life under her feet on the powerful waves of Anglet.