Years ago, while surfing YouTube, led around by the tricks of its algorithm, an Australian surfer appeared on my screen.

In the first video I watched, he explained and analyzed the surfboards he used in his training sessions in his now renowned method of teaching and perfecting surfing (thesurfersroadmap).

His name is Kale Brock (@kalesbroccoli). You can watch, enjoy and learn a lot in his videos on his different social networks and medias.  

This «first meeting» I had with him a couple of years ago, ended up being just that, no more. 

Recently, just by chance, my friend Sunny Fassler, Australian surfer, told me that a friend of his from Australia was coming to France and needed a surfboard for juicy waves (those of France in autumn). He added that he would have then continued his trip to Morocco. I asked him who he was, and I think I smiled with great surprise when he said – it’s Kale.

Oh man, what do you need? In what size? By when? These probably were my questions, as they are always the same ones with every surfer.

I felt, right away, something wonderful that sometimes happens in this world of ours, the connection between surfers.

It’s a classic, it’s a wonderful feeling to be connected and to share enthusiasm and stories with someone.

And I wanted to share with you this little story of passion for what I do.