For those familiar with my work, it’s no secret that I enjoy exploring a broad range of surfboard shapes. But what exactly is a custom board?

It’s a surfboard that’s designed in collaboration between the surfer and the shaper, with the surfer actively contributing their knowledge and preferences. The process involves a lengthy conversation between the customer and the shaper, during which they discuss shapes, volumes, and, most importantly, the waves that the surfer intends to ride.

Custom boards typically appeal to experienced surfers who understand the shaper’s role in the process. Indeed, while there are no hard-and-fast limits to the shapes that can be created, the board must work.

These custom designs often draw inspiration from established models like the Supra Fish, the Socially Disturbed, etc.

Custom boards usually take a bit longer to be created, as I relish the opportunity to spend more time thinking about the surfer’s needs and desires, and to fully engage with the creative process in the shaping room. That’s one of the favorite parts of my job.