«I remember the first retrofish that I shaped, a 5’2» for my friend Ryan Griffin. I had built other models before such as classic single fins and longboards but, at that time my experience as shaper was limited, and I confess to feeling nervous when the order of the surfboard arrived.  Nowadays it has become my favorite, both in the workshop and the water.

The model for my friend became something special since its shape is unusual for a retrofish, its bottom is a belly that finishes in V, this is more common of longboards or bigger surfboards. Does it work? Let me tell you, it has worked tirelessly in all the types of waves.

It is a super fast surfboard, reactive from rail to rail, easy in the take off and above all super fun. It works in different types and size of waves.  The grip sensation thanks to the twin, just make you fall in love with this type of board. If you have never tried one, then I invite you to do so It will open a new door of sensations.

Ryan & Oli, Costa Rica 2016