Exhibiting my surfboards and being involved in surf competitions has been a way for me to meet more and more surf enthusiasts. 
At these events you get to meet creators, surfers, new generations mingling with pioneers, new trends and curious searchers.
All these meetings and conversations have been very rewarding and valuable to me. I got to see how the new generation understands the most artistic part of our life, because surfing embraces all kinds of expressions – photography, painting, music, tattoos….

It was great to see how a passion, in my case shaping, is able to mix with all these art forms.
What brings it all together is, of course, surfing and, in its material form, surfboards and their ability to connect people coming from different worlds and interests. 

Another side filled with lots of positive energy are the conversations with those who come to the stand to meet my surfboards and talk for a while.
For me, this is probably the most important part of these events. 
Away from the competition between surfers and brands, good vibes and synergy grow at these events.
I encourage you to create and visit this kind of events, so that our beloved surfing will continue to grow.