Jon, the Glasser


I have been working closely with a great glasser, Jon, for over a year now. His potential was, for me, a great discovery – he is meticulous, clean, and efficient. 

Together, we run a glass workshop for Selsurfboard and other shapers, where we finish boards with resins, tints, clears, polishing, and sanding. It is in this workshop where I see Jon’s passion for his craft on display every day.

Glassing is a crucial and challenging aspect of surfboard manufacturing, as it is the final and most visible step in our work. It is where glassers like Jon can showcase their talent. Although each surfboard is unique, the glassing technique remains the same. Jon and others like him pay close attention to the smallest details and take great care to produce authentic pieces of art.

Glassing is a demanding process, requiring 100% handwork, concentration, knowledge, and neatness. I have the utmost respect for glassers like Jon, who set the bar high and continue to raise it.

Bravo, Jon!