Music is powerful therapy for me, and it’s a staple in the workshop.

We always have music playing in the background while we work on surfboards. 

Each board that leaves the workshop is imbued with the musical rhythms that have accompanied us during its creation. 

The workshop is filled with a variety of melodies and styles, like punk rock in Jon’s glass room and rock and roll, stoner music, and jazz in the shaping room. 

This musical therapy is like a journey for me, it allows me to imagine the surfer enjoying the board we’re creating. 

Is it a cliché?

Well, it’s a reality for me.

Imagine a good surf video without music, something would be off. 

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of music in this industry. 

Most workshops have music playing, and the conversations and work are infused with the atmosphere it creates.

And I like it so much.

 So, when you’re surfing your next Selsurfboard, know that there’s a whole playlist of songs vibrantly pulsing within its soul.