Sel & Feelings collab


Last November 3rd, together with my friend Julian and a great multidisciplinary team, we launched the first collaboration between Sel & feelings. 

For those who do not know feelings, this brand was born from the merger of two great professionals in the skate industry, the brand manager Julian Duval and Chad Eaton, a talented and world-renowned artist. Feelings is the result of the combination of Chad’s wonderful designs and Julian’s great taste. A brand with a strong personality, embodying skate and urban culture. 

On this occasion, we brought Sel and Feelings together by painting feelings drawings on some of my Sel surfboards, shaped especially for this event.

As a reward for everyone who worked on it and for those who were curious, we released this video, feelings’ stunning collection of clothing and skate decks, as well as the surfboards I shaped, in the Wasted Talent store.

Another great experience of hard teamwork. I hope you all enjoy the video and I would like to thank everyone who worked side by side on this project, Julian Duval, Chad Eaton, Mel Marquez, Nathalie, Jon Glassing, Enzo Philips, Hugo, Nico and myself. Thank you.