Going from surfing a thruster to a single fin, can create some doubt.

Personally, it is a change that I remember fondly in my memories of surfing sensations. The first question that we should ask ourselves is, how is its grip? I can say that it works very well in all types of waves. The turns become wider and more elegant and our surf has a different flow in the waves. The feeling is also different compared to the retrofish where we have that sensation of immediate grip.

Today, thanks to the detachable fin box, we can adjust the fin forward or back and see how our board behaves. For example, an advanced fin position will help us maintain a good angle with the wave, but the turns will have to be wider. It is essential to also understand our rails to know how they combine with the fin position to influence the behaviour of the board. It is really important to choose the correct fin.

When you are doing your own handshaped fins, you have the opportunity to try lots of different shapes in combination with different boards. This helps the understanding that our boards should be in perfect harmony with the fins we assemble, because the size of the base and the height of the fin will make our board’s ride more comfortable or challenging.