I have always been fascinated by the different types of woods that form the stringer in the blank, and I try to work extensively on my shapes and create various kinds of tail blocks and fins.
Woods like red cedar, yellow cedar, balsa, paulownia, exotic woods… glued together and with the blank, create real beauties for our eyes. 

Little by little, I am starting inserting the stringers that I create in my workshop in some blanks.
Cutting and gluing the wood is a «slow» process that requires quite some patience, but the result is fully worth it. There will never be a blank, and therefore a surfboard, like the one I am making.

The possibilities that open up are once again endless. We can create blanks with the number of stringers, the width, and the mix of woods we want. 
In the same range of interesting wooden details, there are tail blocks. It is easier to get small pieces of wood, therefore, because of their reduced dimensions, we can recreate and invent an infinite number of combinations with the small cuts left in the workshop. 

Likewise, the room for creativity is unlimited with fins, with the difference that certain knowledge of how to work the shape of fins is needed. In short, creativity has no limit.